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Food Safety Talk 11: Somewhere on I-95

Added on by Don Schaffner.

Episode 11 opens with a This is Spinal Tap reference, and a call back to an earlier episode. As usual, the guys seem to have technical difficulties, starting with Ben's need for a noise gate. It has taken a while to get this episode posted due to repeated issues relating to a Skype call with more than two people. Fortunately, Ben was able to fix it in post. Next time in might be easier to meet in person somewhere along I-95. Below are links to some of the stuff talked about on the podcast:

Somewhere On I-95

Food Safety Talk 2: It Goes to 11

Added on by Don Schaffner.

In this episode Don and Ben discover that they can talk about Food Safety for an hour more than once. And while talking every two weeks seems to work, actually getting stuff posted seems more difficult.

The link to the episode can be found here or at the bottom of this post.

Here are some link to some of the things they discussed:

Food Safety Talk Episode 2