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Food Safety Talk 10: Fake clams, Sam and Ella

Added on by Ben Chapman.

Episode 10 starts out with a discussion of Christmas gifts for the food safety nerd. Neither Don or Ben actually recieved any. The guys move on to discussion temperature abuse (surprise), data loggers and the nuances of infectious dose. Raw milk and home food preservation also make an appearance. Creative Don ends things with a food safety haiku.


Fake Clams, Sam and Ella

Food Safety Talk 7: Dazed and Confused

Added on by Don Schaffner.

In Episode 7 of Food Safety Talk, Ben and Don set out to talk about the Mr. Cheese Salmonella outbreak, but range far and wide into discussions about helping Entrepreneurs, the differences between risk assessment and risk management, and the importance of a good theme song.

Dazed and Confused